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Description of the said cold room

Pallet size
L:1m * W:1.2m * H: 1.5m

Pallet max weight:
1000kg / pallet

Chill Room: 2’C to 8’C
Cold Room: -18’C to - 25’C

Permitted storage purpose:
For storage of chilled and frozen halal certified food and business used only. Non halal food is strictly prohibited.

Terms of rental

Type of tenancy:
Open space by shipment

Terms of payment:
Cash in advance

Space reserved for rent:

Period for rental:
While stock zero

Rental deposit:

Rental up front:

Other terms & conditions

1. Warehouse receiving & loading schedule:
Monday to friday : 10.30am - 1.00pm & 02.00pm - 5.00pm
2. Prior notification for stock moving
- 2 days in advance (loading & unloading) information of authorized stock collector must be provided

3. Not authority person is probihited to enter warehouse storage area.

4. Type of stock movement in pallet ( no movement in loose)

5. Tenant’s covenants
To insure and to keep insured the tenant's own properties in his possession and under his control against loss or damage by fire in some insurance office or with underwriters of repute and to pay all premiums relating to that purpose.

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Truck In Loading Dock

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